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Welcome to my site. Feel free to browse the galleries. I'll be featuring new images as time goes on so check back when you can. If you have any special requests or questions please contact me. Collages you may have seen in my shows this year are not available on the site. Please contact me directly if you are interested in one

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I am a photographer from the Cleveland area in Northeast Ohio. Where others look, photographers see. I enjoy sharing my visions and inspirations. Some have said I make Cleveland and the surrounding area look good. I have finally been getting "out of the area" by exploring other areas in the State and even trips out west. Also been expanding my "Urban Exploring" finding interesting new places, and searching for new ones. 


2020 Tentative  Show Schedule: 


Due to Covid-19 virus concerns I have no idea how the schedule will run. Some have already cancelled.  Hopefully I will be able to add shows later in the season. 


Thank you for all your past and continues support.

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Created 20-Dec-21
Modified 20-Dec-21

Vintage Cle, Steel Mills, Union Terminal, More

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Created 2-Apr-19
Modified 2-Apr-19
Vintage Cle, Steel Mills, Union Terminal, More

Euclid Beach Park

Galleries 2
Modified 16-Sep-15
63 photos
Euclid Beach Park


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Created 27-Dec-21
Modified 27-Dec-21

Black & White

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Created 18-May-21
Modified 18-May-21
Black & White

Flora & Fauna

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Created 28-Feb-21
Modified 28-Feb-21
Flora & Fauna

Chippewa Lake Park

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Created 28-Sep-10
Modified 28-Sep-10
Chippewa Lake Park

Cleveland Churches

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Created 9-Mar-16
Modified 9-Mar-16
Cleveland Churches

Airplane Graveyard

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Created 13-Mar-14
Modified 13-Mar-14
Airplane Graveyard


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Created 23-Feb-18
Modified 23-Feb-18

Trains, Ships, Cars

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Created 8-Dec-21
Modified 8-Dec-21
Trains, Ships, Cars

Urban Exploring

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Modified 21-Dec-21
169 photos
Urban Exploring
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