Bill Shingledecker(non-registered)
Dear Viewers. Your computer monitor cannot do these pictures justice. You must see them in person to fully appreciate the detail, clarity and color of his work. Best of all, these are local and should be familiar to most northern Ohio residents. Thank you Glenn. My purchase today has immediately become the focus of the room.
Tom Scheidemantel
Great work Glenn
I'm envious of your talent
Glenn your work takes my breathe away. Thank you for sharing it.
Luci Hall(non-registered)
I never tire looking at your work, just stunning!

mike kovalski
love the photos of urban xploration.i met you at the Berea ohio arts fest.i love looking at your pics when I get a itch to go abandoned building exploring.
Darlene Folk - Window Art(non-registered)
Hi Glenn. Still love your photos! Can't wait to get my clothesline in the snow print framed and hung! Maybe if I see you again I'll get that pretty Japanese tree one too that I also liked so much. :) Hope the new grandbaby will like his/her Pooh Window Arts! Now you just need to get the Piglet one to complete the set! LOL It was great meeting you and your wife at Berea Art on the Bridge. You two seem like awesome people. Good luck with everything... and keep shooting! :)
Alex E Rychlik(non-registered)
cool U have some good stuff
Marla Foit
Hi! Just taking a look at all of the cool pictures you've taken. Very impressive!!!
Antoinnette Marie(non-registered)
Hello! Glenn, I met you and your lovely wife at Tri-c Western Campus International club Arts and Craft Fair on Dec. 1st 2012. I was the photography student that was totally awed by your awesome photos. There are many great artist not famous yet, you are among those. I did not want to leave your table, but I look forward to my work being as good as yours. WOW!

Have a Very Merry Bless Christmas and a Happy New Prospers Year to you and all your family. BKA Toni
Your pictures are truly amazing. I was grateful that I was able to see your photo's in person at The Ingenuity Fest this past summer. I didn't realize that "Cleveland" had such beautiful churches and I fell in love with them.
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